Property agent arrogantly calls client a ‘loser’, then finds out who he really is!

It’s sad to see how discrimination is still so common in this day and age! It has never gotten anyone very far in life. Just like how this property agent who lost face and not to mention one of the best deals he could have ever gotten!

The victim of this discrimination was Kevin DeJonge, a businessman. DeJonge was looking for a spacious home to store some of his old furniture, music equipment, old flooring materials (from his business) and other valuables

The Harvard graduate found a lovely residential bungalow off that had affordable rent. It was also a mere two-minute drive from his current home. So, he texted the property agent for a meet-up.

In the message, DeJonge had made clear what his intentions were with the house. He said, “I might sublet 1 or 2 bedrooms out to offset the rental a bit, since I won’t be using it as a running office and it’s mostly for storage.”

“I figured that the more practical thing to do for a house like this is to rent out 1 or 2 bedrooms. It is a landed house anyway, with large bedrooms.

The agent sounded very nice and accommodating in his reply as he said, ”The owners will NOT have a problem with that. Are you free to meet me at 3.30pm?”

Of course, he was alright with that and as the time came, he threw on a simple T-shirt, shorts and just slipped on his slippers. He didn’t really bother to dress up because it would have been a short meeting near his house anyway.

As DeJonge was nearing the house in question, he noticed the agent stepping out from an Uber or Grab car.

He looked like he was in his 50s and was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and jeans. The agent then opened the gate to the car porch as DeJonge drove his car into the home’s entrance. At one point, the agent even turned for a bit while he was unlocking the grilles to the main door and signaled a friendly ‘hello’.

DeJonge proceeded to switch off his engine, got out of the car and locked it.

As he was walking towards his agent, that’s when he noticed something was amiss.

He said, “I noticed that the smile he had on, had faded and the welcoming gesture he gave to me whilst I was still in my car had now turned into a nonchalant thing.

Still, being the well-mannered man that he is, DeJonge gave a courteous greeting but the property agent’s response blew him away.

The agent said..

“Sorry but are you sure you want this house? I don’t think it’s something you can afford. What exactly do you wanna store?”

“If you do any illegal business or store anything illegal, I, nor the owners have any problem calling the authorities on you!

The businessman could not believe his ears.

It took him a solid 2 seconds to gather himself, before he walked up to the man and told him off.

“F*ck you, you piece of shit. You are very lucky that you are an old man.”

Then he proceeded to drive home.

As the property agent began to hire his next ride, he casually did a search for DeJonge and found that he was in fact a construction magnate worth millions.

Obviously, he would have been pretty well connected and could have been a good contact to have.

Sadly for the agent, not only had he lost a great opportunity of closing a deal, but any potential ‘what ifs’ is gone due to his discrimination.

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